Dayton Metal Door offers its customers a full range of repair, fabrication, fire rating, and consultancy services.

Our professionally trained field technicians ...
• Install and repair commercial doors;
• Install and repair commercial locks;
• Install and repair commercial framing;
• Install and repair commercial grade glass.
Our professional craftsmen ...
• Fabricate doors to customer specifications;
• Fabricate frames to customer specifications.
They provide custom fabrication for ...
• Closer and dual acting door reinforcements,
• Standard and modified hinge locations,
• Standard and modified strike locations,
• Dead bolts, through bolts, and flush bolts,
• Door lites, sidelites, and borrowed lites,
• Weld in frame anchors and door astragals,
• Any for other project requirements.
Fire rating is yet another service of value to our custo- mers. We are certified by Warnock Hersey Intl. to ...
• Rate steel and wood doors from 20-90
• Rate steel frames from 20-90 minutes;
• Rate commercial grade glass 20-90 minutes.
Our professional consulting services are based on ...
• 30 years of experience in the building industry;
• Design quality that is efficient and cost
• Ensuring safety standards are always met;
• Assisting project management within our

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have by calling or faxing any of the above numbers or by e-mail to